Weekly Download Vol. V No. 26

Rent I Pay by Spoon

I love Spoon. I love this album. I love this song. I feel like often when I band a love releases an album I love, my default praise for it that I now realized you have to be in my head (or at least share similar opinions (N.B. Which surely most of you do by now. We’ve almost been doing this five years. Sheesh)) to fully embrace is “this is the Spoon-est sounding Spoon album of all Spoon albums (N.B. Ups to the Weapon for that phrasing. I use it weekly.).

In this case it strikes me as a little lazy. But if you want to fall in love with Spoon, They Want My Soul is a good start (N.B. 2006’s Kill the Moonlight, better.) Critics call it a “back to form” album after 2010’s WD adored but lacklusterly received Transference¬†(N.B. This has served to re-enforce a peculiarity (N.B. Cynics might call it purposely contrarian) facet of my music tastes. It appears that very often (not always) my favorite album from very popular bands is the one critically regarded as their worst. E.g. Monster by R.E.M, _________ (N.B. that other one) and Pablo Honey by Radiohead (N.B. ’cause they’ve never made a song better than Creep and all you Radiohead nerds know it.).

So I don’t know what “back to form” means. If it means fuzzy electronic beats, crunching guitars, and hooks so infectious the CDC/WHO should ebola-quaratine (N.B. ugh. Sorry) them coupled with Britt Daniel’s uncanny ability to craft lyrics that appear to be deeper than they actually are (N.B. But he deserves a high-five if not a full-on bro hug for Outlier and the delicious line: “And I remember when you walked out of Garden State / cause you had taste, you had taste / you had no time to waste.” Bravo.) then Spoon has regressed. And remains brilliant. Fall in love with them.


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