Weekly Download Vol. V No. 24

It Ain’t All Flowers by Sturgill Simpson

I was excited about this specific week since I first saw the Summer of 2014 albums to be released list and determined the second week in August was to be WD’s rumination and recommendation of one of several superb tracks from They Want My Soul, Spoon’s delectable new album.

But then this little drip of brilliance interceded (N.B. and don’t infer this as any type of slight toward WD’s favorite Austin, TX indie auteurs. Patience for next week). Here, loyal downloaders, is your country music fix for 2014. It will scratch the itch. And if you don’t have the itch, Sturgill Simpson will take the back-scratcher and whip you across the ass until you find something to scratch.

WD discovered (i.e. heard on N.P.R.) Sturgill Simpson and his benevolent nouveau-Waylon Jennings’ drippy goodness  the day before he could pick up his pre-order of Spoon, and much to his surprise, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music refuses CD player extraction. I’m in love with it; I even mailed a copy to my baby brother, and I haven’t done that since…well I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. Johnboy?

If there is a bone in your body that loves country music, and not shit-bro-Nashville-pop, listen to Sturgill Simpson and be wowed.


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One Response to Weekly Download Vol. V No. 24

  1. Johnboy says:

    Finally, some shit I can actually listen to. Good stuff.

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