Weekly Download Vol. V No. 21

Master Pretender by First Aid Kit

If anyone forgot, in 2012 (N.B. that ridiculous year of music) First Aid Kit helped us get our souls right, triage for our lives, with their beautiful album The Lion’s Roar. WD still can’t listen to it enough, and it’s become his go to music recommendation (N.B. ’cause no one listens to DBT).

When I read that FAK would release a new album in 2014, I realized that my soul was in need of a little triage. As such, the day Stay Gold dropped, I ran to Guestroom giddy as a schoolboy to purchase vinyl of two female Swedes born in the 90s singing reengineered American folk.

Let that sink in.

Today I’m 36, and I haven’t gasped many times in my life. Gasp: v. [intr.] inhale suddenly with the mouth open, out of pain or astonishment. (O.A.D. 2006). That means I’ve not often (N.B. or if ever) been in gasp-level pain (N.B. and you can bet your ass this is at least somewhat related to my physical-risk averse lifestyle, which here on the dawn of my 36th year I foresee only an increasing physical-risk aversion), and I’m not often gasp-level astonished.

As I loaded up Stay Gold for my first dose of pith soothing on the Tuesday drive home after I bought it, anticipating a gasp, an astonishment gasp, from WD was somewhere between WD falling asleep during Frontline and WD winning that evening’s psychological warfare with the G-Unit on the chart of things I thought might happen that evening. Nonetheless, at 2:29 of this amazing track amidst an album full of amazing and soothing Americana, WD got slapped in the face.

And WD gasped.

And WD, now 36-year-old husband and father of two, immediately thought: Kids these days…


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