Weekly Download Vol. V No. 15

Devil by Horse Thief

(pshew, been a bit. Apologies) OMA (N.B. -ish) Horse Thief is a neuvo-indie-folk-rock (N.B. sorry) band of guys originally from Denton, TX now making their home in the 405. Horse Thief is the first (N.B. But my guess not last) great (N.B. the well-schooled, talented, imaginative, and sincere great) band to foment at ACMUCO (N.B. The Academy of Contemporary Music University of Central Oklahoma) in Bricktown. Fear and Bliss is their first album, and it blows my mind.

Horse Thief’s lead singer Cameron Neal is a sonorous blend of Cat Stevens and Jim James whose voice at times threatens not to work, but comes through each time in ways that make me happy even while he flirts with both depression and with recovery. Horse Theif’s instrumentation is tight, their songs invigorating, cathartic even.

All of the above is a fairly staid music review from WD. That ends now:

Fear in Bliss is the best album I’ve heard this year. Devil is the first single released from it, and it’s pretty damn good, but it’s about fourth best song on Fear and Bliss. The Intro and the second track (I Don’t Mind, which I couldn’t locate a youtube of and was too lazy to upload on my own) will figuratively make your ears warm and then your head explode in a gorgeous burst of sonic wonder as you sprout angel wings and soar above…

I’m serious about how great Fear and Bliss is. Not in the big fish in a small pond Oklahoma music scene sense, but it’s great anywhere, nationwide. It’s that good. I can’t listen to it enough. Consider this my highest recommendation. Get this album.


Post Script:

I know, the OKC restaurant post. It’s coming. It got really daunting, so I’m reeling it back in. I haven’t finished reeling.

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