Weekly Download Vol. V No. 14

Disappear by Parker Millsap (ups to Court on the recco and ups to the VDub sessions on the video)

OMA: I’m an ageist. Ageism: n. prejudice or discrimination on the basis of a person’s age.  Oxford American Dictionary – 2006.

Parker Millsap is 20, born and raised in Purcell, Oklahoma in nineteen ninety-fucking-three and so baby-faced it makes me want to puke.

He was featured on NPR, played at SXSW, plays a serviceable guitar, has a gravely cadence that belies his  years, is potentially the next big thing in folk/Americana nationally (N.B. not just in the 580), and is so young he cannot reasonably say anything to me in a song that I might find of the slightest importance.


Court: “Then why do you like Chance the Rapper so much?”

WD: “…”

Court: “…”

WD: “Because he’s black.”)

So, I am ageist, and little boy Millsap is the target of my ageism. What is this song about? I don’t know. Snapchat or Glee or something (N.B. I can’t even come up with witty references for the shite that 20 year olds must obsess over. (N.B. And actually, were I to remove the veil of ageism from my ears, I’d hear a decently crafted story about something little Millsap couldn’t have lived, but is dutifully retelling like a Spiderman remake.)) But I wish nothing but the best for Parker Millsap, and I can’t wait to hear about him winning Grammys that don’t make the broadcast.

(N.B. Dubious segue.)

James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) has a song about his beloved New York that is decidedly un-techno with a chorus of “New York I love you, but you’re bringing me down.”

It’s April. I grilled out on Saturday. Fucked around on the back porch and in the pot (N.B. No silly) garden with the G-Unit and generally had a pleasant time.

It snowed on Monday.

Oklahoma I love you, but you’re bringing me down.


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2 Responses to Weekly Download Vol. V No. 14

  1. Aaron says:

    The decidedly ‘hipster’ 20 year old who works at DPP knows/has played music with young Millsap. If I didn’t know WD so well, I’d have recco’d this (who am I kidding – I really wouldn’t have) some time ago.

  2. TMatt says:

    Did their parents let them stay out past curfew?

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