Weekly Download Vol. V No. 13

Digital Witness by St. Vincent

Oklahoma Music April: Short entry this week, because Annie Clark a/k/a St. Vincent is from Tulsa in about the same way AZH is from Yukon or Hump is from Perry, but a little less than how Bob is from Okinawa. But her fourth album (N.B. eponymous, in that later career Pearl Jam/Metallica/Wilco self-title album statement that I know I’ve discussed before and is Supposed. To. Mean. Something. but I’ll be damned if I can remember where. (N.B. Part of the problem with doing this for so long is forgetting when/how you said what about whatever in the past.)) since leaving perpetually cheery hippie commune choir The Polyphonic Spree is getting fantastic press.

I’ve had this album for awhile and ultimately decided to lead off OMA with it this year because of her vague 918 connection and the vague way and I think I may really like both St. Vincent and St. Vincent. She is one of the better guitar players I have ever heard, and that’s no shit. Find some youtube clips of her mutilating the ax. Like this one.

But she just so…precious. She & Him did I Put a Spell on You on Conan once, and I read it described as watching a kitten drive a bulldozer. For some reason that’s the vibe I get when I watch Annie shred. Thoughts?

Off again next week to get my beach on with Wife sans rats. Leaving Saturday. My guess is we’ll be missing them so bad by Monday night that we’ll claw each others eyes out. But we’ll soldier on.

However, to whet your appetite, my big finish for OMA this year should be the definitive guide to over and under rated Oklahoma City restuarants and the bands that correlate with them. Yeah.


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