Weekly Download Vol. V No. 12

Wavering Lines by Willis Earl Beal

Downloaders, on this first day of spring after the worst fucking winter ever, give your soul a scrub. Listen to this track by wunderkind Willis Earl Beal. (N.B. Find the album cut if you can, off of 2013’s again overlooked Nobody Knows by WEB, compared to Tom Waits in a way that I don’t really agree with, but at the same time understand. WEB’s voice is beautiful. TW’s voice is perfect. People can confuse the two). Ideally in your car, at night, on an empty highway. But any time will do. Listen to it a couple times, so you can (kinda) sing it with him. Trust me.

If you feel bad, you’ll feel better.

If you feel heavy, you’ll feel light.

If you feel cold, you’ll feel warm.

If you feel lonely, you’ll feel together.

What more do you want from a song?


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