Weekly Download Vol. V No. 11

Blue Moon by Beck

Ford: “I know it’s now 4:51 am, thanks time change, but if you don’t give the new Beck a listen, I’ll kill you.

WD: “I will.”

Ford (the next morning): “I’m dead serious about that album.”

WD: “At 4:00 in the morning, you better be.”

Ford: “Technically, I’d been home from work for an hour.”

Beck Morning Phase

WD: “Were you fucking with me about the Beck album?”

Ford: “Not at all…So I guess fuck you.”

WD: “4 and 5 are pretty good. And 9. But I put it on to drive out to El Reno and I about had a wreck. Lethargic.”

Ford: “Three is the best.”

This is 5. And Morning Phase is Beck’s first album in 6 years. I bought it because Ford told me too. He’s normally not wrong (N.B. Other that weird Depeche Mode obsessions). Morning Phase is growing on me. Slowly. Lethargically. Like if I were on Ambien or really high there’d be no debate.

I read an article this week about the absolutely adorable Elisabeth Moss who plays Peggy Olsen on Mad Men.  For anyone who doesn’t watch Mad Men, forever underestimated Peggy has become the true hero of the show while the wildly more popular John Hamm/Don Draper begins to wallow in his webs of deceit, Lucky Strikes, and Brylcreem. (N.B.  And that’s about all that I understand about Mad Men, other than I really like the clothes and the fact that they drink and smoke all the time.)

Within the article on Elisabeth Moss it was divulged that she is a Scientologist.  My guess is if you’re like me, regardless of your religious beliefs/affiliation when you hear that someone is a Scientologist, you get a little creeped out.  I should say, that means you immediately think of Maverick and his freak-out with Oprah.  And if you’re even more like me, other than Daniel Kaffee, you don’t really know much about Scientology, nor do you want to.  But what you do know certainly deserves the new agey/creepy bad rep it has.

However, another article that I read this week asked its readers to confront their feelings regarding Scientology after learning the truth that someone found as universally delightful as Elisabeth Moss (N.B. and Jerry Maguire, but not Charlie Babbitt) was also a Scientologist. The same article disclosed that Beck Hanson, he of anthemic 90s songs and wondrous albums, was also a Scientologist, or at least flirted with Scientology in the way that many of us flirt with religion and yet are overwhelmed by the most fanatical/fervent/committed practicers of similar religions.

Scientology as an organized religion is 59 years old.  It has 8-15 million followers worldwide (N.B. They (ahem) won’t release the actual number).  All of which I assume are either crazy as Frank T.J. Mackey or some type of robe wearing quasi-demigod hell bent on indoctrinating America and then the world. (N.B. This is very similar to how I feel about Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, the Pope (NB although Pope Frank is turning out to be pretty cool), and Mark Zuckerberg.)

However, what learning this information about Elisabeth Moss and the woefully underappreciated by WD Beck Hanson is that Scientology must have reached a level of mainstream ubiquity such that it can have casual followers. People who check it out. Get a message. Get inspired, but don’t go full Ethan Hunt.

And for some reason, this legitimizes it.

What do you think?


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