Weekly Download Vol. V No. 10

Grand Canyon by Drive-by Truckers

January 24, 2013 – Cain’s Ballroom, Tulsa Oklahoma – three songs into the Drive-by Truckers’ show:

Wife: “Where are all the people?”

WD: “Baby, I think because I make you listen to them so much that you think this band is popular…”

First lines of Pitchfork’s review of Drive-by Truckers’ new album English Oceans:

“Drive-By Truckers don’t owe us shit. They’ve never made a bad or even a mediocre album in their two decades, even though they’ve given themselves many opportunities to do so. And considering their occasionally acrimonious lineup changes and bold conceptual gambits, they’d have many valid excuses if that fate were to come to pass.”

In lieu of poignant but rambling thoughts from WD on what truly has become his favorite band, you get Grantland’s Steve Hyden who says it better than I ever could (N.B. and he also got to interview them.)

Read it here.

And listen to this band, but it doesn’t matter if you ever do. They’ll never be as popular as they should be (N.B. or should have been), and that doesn’t matter to me any more.


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