Weekly Download Vol. V No. 9

Kalopsia by Queens of the Stone Age (ups to Ford on the recco) Link is to the full song. The below video just covers the first 1:50 and will get in your soul somewhere between your superior vena cava and the part just above your belly button that tenses up when you’re watching the extra depraved-scenes in True Detective (again ups to Ford) (N.B. Watch this if you’re not.)

And right into that unfortunate time of year when I’m scrambling to let you know there was good stuff that I missed/ignored/forgot about in the year prior. There were several in 2013, and I’m just going to dole them out one at a time and still find places for new DBT, St. Vincent, and Oklahoma music April. Cross your fingers.

WD’s pre acquisition of ...Like Clockwork opinion of Queens of the Stone Age = Band that tries really hard to live up to their early 90s important rock forefathers who sometimes comes off as talented little brothers who you appreciate, but who ultimately kinda annoy you. Post = Great song craft while lyrically a little muddy with influences more diverse than originally given credit (N.B. see below) but otherwise definitely worth the listen.

Kalopsia, I’ve learned, is one of the unique words that exists in the lexicographic purgatory between the OED and the glossary in the back of fratire paperbacks.

Wikitionary/Urban Dictionary (i.e. open source dictionaries (N.B. That means anyone with enough motivation and smoke breaks from Best Buy can contribute content) define it as: The delusion of things being more beautiful than they are.

WD now defines it as: The delusion of things sounding more Bowie than they are. And Kalopsia is very Bowie. (N.B. and Bowie’s 2013 album, The Next Day, is another 2013 I didn’t give its proper due) That good Bowie that people who don’t listen to a lot of Bowie don’t recognize as Bowie, but just recognize as great.

What’s a word for that?


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