Weekly Download Vol. V No. 6

Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam (live Oklahoma City November 16, 2013)(ups to @Jasonjayeah on the clip)

M77: You forgot, huh?

WD: It’s more like I remembered.

M77: Well, one presumes the other.

WD: You’re 19. You don’t talk like that yet.

M77: …

WD: I didn’t forget, but I needed to remember. You’ll understand the difference someday.

M77: Did it rock?

WD: Of course it rocked.

M77: We were back in the middle of all of it? Shouting at the top of our lungs?

WD: Not quite. But it was great. They’ll always be our friends. They’ll always comfort you in a weird way, and I didn’t realize I needed that right now. But we did. We do. We remembered.

M77: And Lightning Bolt?

WD: Not as insipid as our ego needed it to be during our last conversation. A couple of them really rock. Remind us of everything.

M77: So you had your mind made up before you ever heard it?

WD: Well…

M77: When do we start arguing for stuff that we don’t fully believe?

WD: About the second  year of law school…

M77: What?


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