Weekly Download Vol. V No. II

Arabella by Arctic Monkeys

I knew this week was going to be weird when I looked at the calendar and saw that Pearl Jam’s newest album was dropping two weeks before Arcade Fire’s.  As in there would be a week in the middle where I was still digesting one album and feeming in anticipation for another.

As luck would have it, I proved myself correct.  As such, I thought I might resubmit another track from Lightning Bolt in kind of a quasi-redemption after last week’s existential disavowment of EV, Stone, et al, but nothing has really stuck out so far.  While Lightning Bolt is not as convention-alteringly insipid as I originally thought, I’ve heard nothing yet that truly wows me late 90’s style (N.B. But a couple of songs are close).  So I decided if I was going to re-submit something Pearl Jam related the week, it would be Robin Pecknold from the Fleet Foxes with this magical cover of perhaps Pearl Jam’s greatest song from the second installment of Jimmy Fallon’s Week of Pearl Jam.  It’s hard to make something sound both new and familiar (N.B. especially a song I’m that familiar with) But Pecknold manages to do it in a way that convinces me he’s a Pearl Jam fan and also reinforces my dutiful Pearl Jam fandom.  Check it out.

However on the way home from work Tuesday night, on You’re Welcome – Oklahoma’s ONLY All Vinyl Radio Show on The Spy the fellas played Arabella from the Arctic Monkeys.  (N.B. You know, of all the weird shit that The Spy does (N.B, e.g. Notes, Tasting), for some reason I find it the weirdest that there is a show dedicated to nothing but playing vinyl of any age for an hour a week.  It’s not like they’re pulling classic vinyl out of weird uncle’s attics or vintage boutiques, they’re playing new vinyl directly from record companies.While I also do this myself, (N.B. that is I shell out the money to pay extra for the vinyl of bands and artists I may like.) I’m nowhere near the level of audiophile that thinks he can tell the difference between songs played on vinyl and songs blasting from the  CD player in my car.  I purchase vinyl because they’re cool, and playing them is cool, and it makes me feel cool doing it (N.B. (sigh))) I really enjoyed it, am really enjoying it, and think I’m going to buy the new album, A.M. Maybe even on vinyl even though I’ve never really been an Arctic Monkeys’ fan.

If you don’t know Arctic Monkeys, here is a three-sentence history: (1) Were England’s next big thing in 2006 complete with the snarky Strokes-ish debut album title of “Whatever People Say I am, That’s What I’m Not”; (2)  You may have never heard of them, but a lot of people have; and (3) They’re pretty good in that snarly “all-good-English-bands-are-really-just-derivative-of-The-Clash -kind-of-way.”

But Arabella impressed me enough to insert it in this weird black hole week between my once favorite band and the Band Of My Generation ®.  As much as I wanted this to be some weird coda or intercalary chapter between two different phases in my life, luckily you get to be spared yet again from WD shoehorning vague musical references into what he perceives to be moderately interesting facets of his life.

Instead you get this Arctic Monkeys’ kinda pretty bitchin’ tune, and Arcade Fire next week.


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