Weekly Download Vol. IV No. 46

To Old Friends and New by Titus Andronicus

As warned of last week, I’m commemorating Weekly Download’s fourth birthday with a tribute to you, old friends and new. Please consider yourself tribute(d).

It’s been a weird year at WD. Full of broken promises, improvident ideas, semi-earnest screeds, and bitchin’ music. Actually, if that’s the metric, they’ve all been weird, and I’m not sure this one was any weirder than years previous. But like no-nonsense dealers who’ve found their corner and their mark, you, loyal downloaders, continue to feed my addiction to hitting the Publish button like I’m vermin on crystal meth.

My guess is that neither of us consider it healthy, but one of us is eternally grateful to the other in a methadone-kind-of-way. Regardless, I’ll soldier on now with the carrot of the WD 5th anniversary lists hanging in front me (N.B. Yes, I’ve already been thinking about them.) Please know that I hope you keep reading.

Lacking further ado, my favorite comments/responses/replies of the year. (N.B. parenthetical snark from the parenthetical snarker)

  • A vegas band, love it. (Vegas, baby)
  • It’s Friday morning. I’m drinking a cup of coffee, not hungover, it’s cool and wet on August 9th and I am reading about inflection points.
    One or all of the following must have or is happening :
    A) Global Warming is not a hoax
    B) The signs in Revelation are coming to fruition
    C) I am getting old
    D) I have read one of the more introspective things you have ever written, even better than the rock breaker question. (aawwwwwwwww)
  • It was an insult.  I expect more than a measly 450 words in my WD.  Where are your 2,000 word diatribe/manifestos? (full circle, yes?)
  • [here are a] couple things I’ve thrown on my Zune. Yes, I still refuse to own an iPod. (Just let go. Join us.)
  • The way the rest of the melonheads chuckled and chortled when he said that pretty much shows you who reps us under the dome on Lincoln. (I know we elect the government we deserve, but damn).
  • “abortion of an album cover” – classy. I think I may have been a GPK…(hmmmm Zonked Zane, Rx)
  • She is so gross. (They completely slayed Girls on SNL last week. It was gorgeous.)
  • You should listen to Thao and The Get Down Stay Down’s new album, “We the Common.”. It is good, and it is mostly a girl. Thanks, A feminist reader. (I would argue 100% girl)
  • Have fun with that detox you do!  Catch you on the flip side. (I always emerge better though, don’t I?)
  • Add to this the fact that his wife is smokin’ hot, that man oozes talent. (This is how we describe you behind your back)
  • I had never heard that Tolstoy quote before.  A radiant shine on my day as I will repost that to Instagram ,Facebook, Twitter and those other social media places you avoid like The Dead Marshes of Middle Earth. (I’m sure my mom, her sister, and all of my child custody clients re-posted it…)
  • The musical score of the IRS weapon’s biopic includes “In Fear of Fear,” featuring Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy a/k/a the Jerry Lee Lewis of Goth. (Who’s the Jerry Lee Lewis of 90s Alternative Rock?)
  • +1 for Emmylou. Should’ve sent a gift basket for that heads up, those girls are amazing and I’m mildly obsessed (don’t worry, I made sure they were at least 18 before writing that)(Now you’re thinking like a lawyer.)
  • Fiona’s ramblings > WD’s ramblings (Madonna’s gap-tooth smile > AZH’s gap-tooth smile)
  • This should be rated 8.5 minimum. And will be the first WD I would even consider telling my bride she should listen to (I think you mean the first one after Goodbye Horses)
  • I’m glad you finally get to see him.  I remember it was special years ago when I first saw him live with his old band, the white stripes.  Are you familiar with them? (the longer your beard gets the more of a sarcastic asshole you become, yes?)
  • Largemouth is all one word. Douche-bag. (Douche bag isn’t hyphenated, largemouth.)

Love you guys.


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2 Responses to Weekly Download Vol. IV No. 46

  1. Travis Watkins says:

    The Jerry Lee Lewis of 90’s alternative is Al Jorgensen and I’ll ding a ding dang a ding along ling long that!

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