Weekly Download Vol. IV No. 40

You’re Always the Sun by Supreme Being of Leisure

Multiple times I’ve discussed how great of thing The Spy and KOSU did when they collaborated to get The Spy back on the Great-Corporatist-Satan-Clear-Channel-Communications-Cumulus-Media-Dominated Oklahoma airways. It caused my public radio donations (N.B. Which aren’t nearly as substantial as they should be given the benefit I derive from listening) to shift from Norman/Sooner based KGOU to its Stillwater/Orange (N.B. and soon to be OKC) based competitor, which I haven’t regretted at all. In fact, I’ve really enjoyed getting to meet the delightfully awkward, nasally, and brilliant KOSU morning host Ben Allen (@benallenKOSU for tweeps) as much as I’ve enjoyed The Toaster Brunch with E-Rob,  Gold Soundz, and The Oklahoma Rock Show on The Spy.

However, the show that I don’t get is called Tasting Notes, and it airs Monday nights from 7:00 to 8:00, and you should listen to it at least once. Here is the one sentence blurb: A guy (@winedr for tweeps) who knows a lot about wine and a little about music each week drinks a selected bottle/grape/vintage/vineyard on the air and allows the “tasting notes” of said bottle to summon/call to mind/influence the music he plays.


This week, You’re Always the Sun was inspired by a sangria that he was just astonished would pull his mind in that direction given its floral notes of hibiscus and the summery citrus explosion on his tongue (N.B. or something like that).

@winedr actually has a unique-good taste in music (N.B. notwithstanding over-emphasis on EDM ), but never once have I heard something he’s played and thought hmmmm damn he’s right, the brooding undertones yet resilient hopefulness from this CabbySav really compliments Fake Empire by The National.

And don’t get me started on is incessant smacking to assure to his radio listeners that when says “hmmm, I taste robust melon, like this early Wilco track,” he really has a mouthful of it.

I’m not really trying to make fun of him, because @winedr is an Oklahoma City guy, into the scene and everything. He works hard on his show. He’s sincere, even though his twitter bio says he’s a distributor for Premium Wines, but as someone who can draw suspect congruence between music and damn near everything, even WD finds this to be a stretch (N.B. That, or WD is disappointing in himself for not thinking of doing it (at least with beer) first. “The floral hoppy explosion of this pale ale really goes well with this vintage Tupac)).

But listen to Tasting Notes, Monday’s at 7:00 on The Spy/KOSU 91.7 FM OKC, enjoy the great jams he plays, and tell me I’m wrong.


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