Weekly Download Vol. IV No. 39

Everybody’s Something by Chance the Rapper

Prolly my favorite track from the best hip-hip album I’ve listened to this year. And to distinguish it from the $12 I paid for Yeezy’s industrial screed against… I guess, everything, or dear sweet Hova’s 10-megaton bomb of a corporate sell out (N.B. Which actually has some good tracks on it, but I was so disturbed by the NSA level personal information orgy he and Samsung enticed white-kids in the suburbs to submit to for the privilege of hearing it a week early, that I was turned off (N.B. which is why I (Guilt-free) accepted a single track ripped copy from Nada P.)), 20-year old Chance the Rapper dropped Acid Rap for free. Download it here. Rock bands don’t release free mix-tapes. Why is that? Chance was born is 1993. I was 15. Chance is 20. If you could’ve drop an album like this when you’re 20 and give it away, would you? The Internet’s (N.B. which is just a boring way to say “our”, in a “we elect the government we deserve” kind of way) ability to try and suck the soul out of something is set forth here. Suffice it to say, Chance hasn’t made any money off of this gem. And Hova and Yeezus made a lot. A Lot.


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