Weekly Download Vol. IV No. 28

Instant Crush by Daft Punk (feat. Julian Casablancas)

And it would almost make sense, but the thing is these guys always wear these helmets, and I’ve always thought too much about it, like seriously too much, because I know almost all of the music they used to make is called electronic so they can make music like robots because they look like robots or cyborgs or aliens or the Tron version of Riggs and Murtah, and lets be honest, Tron could have used a Riggs and Murtah, but this new album is called Random Access Memories and it’s supposed to signify a sampling of all this music that   should be in our collective memories and that was made with actual instruments and not with GarageBand and half of your head shaved in the rec room of the community outreach center, but made with actual instruments held by actual musicians that have to be pounded and blown into and strummed, nothing that makes any sense to do if you’ve got a fucking helmet on like you might have had when you were just making this shit up in an instrumentless recording studio and praying that Kanye would sample it so the white kids in the suburbs would at least know who you were even if they’d associate your most famous song with Yeezy’s flow and “you could be my black Kate Moss tonight” but now people think you’re musicians, which forces them, at the same time to think “but why are they wearing those fucking helmets?”


Post Script: And ups to the newest (and quantifiably most intelligent) weeklydownloader on the recco.

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