Weekly Download Vol. IV No. 24

No Destruction by Foxygen

After devoting the last two months to two different and both strained themes, the back log of new music I’ve needed to share with you has grown.  So let me get right back into things.  I bought Foxygen’s new album, We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic (N.B. It’s May, but if 2013 Greatest Album Title of Year didn’t get just wrapped up, I’ll be shocked.)  Not only was the title of the album a snarky surprise, but there was sticker on shrink wrap normally reserved for pre-release publicity one-liners like:

“Engineered to restore your faith in rock and roll”



“Coldplay assault your senses with this extraordinary marvel.”

-Vanity Fair


“100% guaranteed to get you laid.”


Foxygen apparently wasn’t expecting much press (N.B. and let’s be honest, none of us had ever heard of them before this.), so their sticker read:

“Our best album yet”


“The only real ‘end of the world’ record out there.”


I found it self-aware and little charming. I acquired WA21CAP&M (N.B. Sorry, I had to) on the same Guestroom run that resulted in Phosphorescent/Muchacho in my hands, and while I’d listened to a free stream of the album a few times in the early spring, it was deservedly shelved while I began the month+ long obsession with Muchaco (N.B. Which happened to dovetail nicely into the closing argument for a month of country music posts, huh?)

I don’t know if  WA21CAP&M is truly the only real end of the world record out there, but I do know that it may be the last great Rolling Stones album, fitting somewhere between Exile and Some Girls.  These tracks have that snarly melodic vibe Mick pulled off, and the earnest country/rock swagger that I used to believe only Keith could conjure.  Yes, it’s that good.  No Destruction does it best, Oh Yeah is close. The whole album is great, hasn’t left my CD player for week (N.B. Which is an eternity) and is definitely the best Foxygen album yet…


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