Weekly Download Vol. IV No. 23

Witness by IndianGiver

April Oklahoma Music Digest – Week 4

The Oklahoma List:

  • The Oklahoma Rock Show (Thursdays 7-9) on The Spy for introducing me to IndianGiver
  • The way that Grandad’s Bar (N.B. and it was already hurdling through the ranks) became my favorite Oklahoma City bar
  • Sitting at the chefs’ bar at Ludivine, the best seats in the best restaurant in Oklahoma.


  • Black Mesa Brewing Company’s ESB.  Your reign at the top was well deserved, Coop F5.  It was going to take a very, very good beer to unseat you as Oklahoma’s best.  Black Mesa’s ESB is that.  Go to Grandad’s and get one.
  • The red socks we’ll all be wearing during Sunday’s Memorial Marathon
  • This:
  • Weather dongThe Seared Caribbean Jerk Chicken Sandwich at Saturn Grill, which is strangely neither a sandwich nor Caribbean, but unreal.
  • Wednesday morning getting the Led out during breakfast at The Wedge.
  • And the unfathomable Oklahoma-ness that’ll be on display this weekend.  Everyone running be strong, be hydrated, and be blessed.


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2 Responses to Weekly Download Vol. IV No. 23

  1. Itinerantplaybyplayman says:

    The way the rest of the melonheads chuckled and chortled when he said that pretty much shows you who reps us under the dome on Lincoln. That and Sally Kern.

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