Weekly Download Vol. IV No. 22

All You Need is Love by The Flaming Lips

April Oklahoma Music Digest – Week 3

As I write this on Wednesday morning, April 17, 2013, I have just received an email from our office manager that says:

“This is what we received from Downtown Oklahoma City Inc this morning:
Police have closed down Patience Latting Circle and portions of Walker Avenue, Couch, and Colcord to investigate an abandoned moving truck to the west of City Hall. The City has also temporarily evacuated their buildings.”
photo (2)
Patience Latting Circle is in the above photo taken this morning from the west facing office of one of my co-workers. The building in the foreground is city hall and the building in the background is the Civic Center Music Hall. Somewhere down there, the OKCPD have found and abandoned U-Haul they fear might be filled with explosives. Offices have been vacated. Streets are blocked off and helicopters and circling overhead.

You weren’t coming to WD for intelligent thoughts on what happened in Boston on Monday, so I’m not offering any of my own. Instead, I’ll quote from unexpectedly brilliant comedian, Patton Oswalt:

“This is a giant planet and we’re lucky to live on it but there are prices and penalties incurred for the daily miracle of existence.”

Read his entire piece here.

He’s right. But sitting in this office this morning with whatever is happening on Patience Latting Circle going on below (and hopefully it’s nothing (N.B. And it was. The truck was empty…stolen, but empty) is one of those prices and penalties.

And this made me think of The Flaming Lips, creators of Do You Realize an almost perfect expression of the existential angst that being 300 feet above Patience Latting Circle this morning might cause and the once and future official rock song of my state who’s paid its share of prices and penalties for the daily miracle of existence.

Now Boston joins us in a way I hate.

No Oklahoman has to be reminded what tomorrow is. 18 years.

The Lips’ new album is titled The Terror, and it was released on Tuesday. Initially, I (N.B. Nor Jarvidus per our discussions) didn’t find it prescient or poignant at all for them to release an album so titled on this most solemn of weeks in the state they have often represented with such panache and artistic gusto to single-handedly make anyone proud to say their from Oklahoma. It troubled me. I’ve listened to the Terror some, and I’m still not sure, but this cover of The Beatles was a bonus track to that album. And at least it’s helped me cope.


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