Weekly Download Vol. IV No. 14

What a Fool by Dr. Dog

Ups to the completely hilarious New Girl on the recco. Don’t know if you watch this show, but you should. You especially should if you went to high school in Elk City, Oklahoma in the 90s, attended the University of Oklahoma College of Law from 2002-2005, or are currently a member of the criminal defense bar of Oklahoma County. Because the character Schmidt had to have been patterned after someone you rubbed elbows with during your time in those institutions.  I’ll leave it to you to guess who.

OK, this is not the omnibus television post I’ve threatened for over a year now (N.B. because that’s turning into an unworkable shit show that I’ve resigned myself to meting out in bits and pieces as they foment). This is one of those bits and pieces about one television show in particular.

The show is Girls on HBO, and it makes me feel disgusted and old.  And this missive is about how the making me feel disgusted and old, makes me feel even more disgusted and old.  Because Girls is one of the edgiest, coolest, trendiest, and most written about events on television right now.  I have to watch it for those reasons.  And its well-written, well-acted, and can be both poignant and hilarious.

But I think I may hate it…and I may hate myself for hating it.  It doesnt affect/affirm/speak to me any more than watching Travel Channel documentaries about indigenous and uncivilized cultures does.  I don’t understand these people, or what motivates them.  They’re a bunch of stupid, unfocused, and petulant kids, who think they’re entitled to be important because they’re…I don’t know…different.  (N.B. This reminds me of a great line/monologue in the movie Greenberg.  Ben Stiller to a bunch of high school/college kids partying at the house he’s sitting:

“The thing about you kids is that you’re all kind of insensitive. I’m glad I grew up when I did ’cause your parents were too perfect at parenting- all that baby Mozart and Dan Zanes songs; you’re just so sincere and interested in things! There’s a confidence in you guys that’s horrifying. You’re all ADD and carpal tunnel. You wouldn’t know Agoraphobia if it bit you in the ass, and it makes you mean. You say things to someone like me who’s older and smarter with this light air… I’m freaked out by you kids. I hope I die before I end up meeting one of you in a job interview.”)

I’m freaked out by those kids too.  So I like the decidedly less hip How I Met Your Mother.  Because the HIMYM people are my people (LSGXers).  (N.B. I won’t hammer this point again.)  But what this means is that the cultural zeitgeist has now officially moved past WD.

We LSGXers are locked in the 9th season of HIMYM as they are all settling down and getting married and having kids, but the hip millenials are focused on gross Hannah and her disgusting boyfriends and aimless desires to be something in their world.  It’s a world I think understand, but will never sympathize with.  It’s a world I read about, but will never live in, and the Girls are a group of people that will now be those damn kids.

This is both disheartening and liberating.


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3 Responses to Weekly Download Vol. IV No. 14

  1. GSL says:

    She is so gross.

  2. GSL says:

    Soundtrack from season 1 is quite stellar, however:-)

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