Weekly Download Vol. IV No. 13

We the Common  [For Valerie Bolden] by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

(Ups to Mary Lauren (my feminist Jiminy Cricket) on the recco.  It has been a while since I gave a lady rocker some love.)

Grammy Recap – List Version:

1.  “Taylor Swift is what happens when you spoil your children. Next time you’re dragging your child through a drugstore and they start begging for a toy … and a candy bar … and a coconut water, don’t give in. Let them cry. Let them scream. Let them embarrass you. If you don’t, your child may one day grow up to be a tall, witchy blonde person who dresses like a mad hatter and acts angry about being the biggest pop star in the known universe because guys don’t like kissing her.” — Sean Fennessey

2.  I really enjoyed the group effort (Elton, Zac Brown, Brittany Howard (N.B. Bam!), Mavis Staples (N.B. Bam! Bam!) and Mumford)  on The Band’s The Weight, but @steven_hyden had a different (and maybe correct) take  “This performance is a sad reminder that nobody can sing this song nearly as well as Levon Helm.”

3.  As the Grammys emphasize performances over awards the show gets remarkably better.  I love LL Cool J, but they really need to get someone funny to host.

4.  Does the guy from fun. look more like a Troll Doll or the guy Jules and Vincent blast after eating his Big Kahuna burger?

5.  The Grammys shut out Jack White, Alabama Shakes (N.B. Musical guests this week on SNL hosted by the absolutely brilliant Christoph Waltz check it out), Tom Waits, The Boss, Fiona Apple, and The Roots.  So, Mr. Grammy and I didn’t jive at all this year.

6.  Frank Ocean was a train wreck, but it felt like he did it on purpose.

7.  Why do I just assume every new Nashville-pop (N.B. my name for what the uninformed call Country Music) act is from Oklahoma?

8.  Of course Prince walked on stage with a cane.

9.  Hip hop was reduced to Wiz Khalifa mumbling out a few bars, Chuck-D and LL getting pre-empted at the end by a Delta commercial (N.B. which is even more bullshit because the entire show all I wanted was for LL to shut up.  Then he finally got on stage and did what he was born to do only to be cut off), and…

10.  Jay-Z and Timberlake absolutely killing it.  There is scene in Judd Apatow’s Funny People where Seth Rogen is riffing on Tom Cruise, Will Smith, and David Beckham getting bored in L.A. and touching the heads of their dicks together just for something new to do and it causes lightning and thunderclaps…my assumption now is that Hova, JT, and Derek Jeter are the New York version of that.

11.  A music blog I read described Mumford & Sons as popular music’s equivalent to Tim Tebow.  I think the metaphor is intended to extend beyond calling them overrated, and I think I get it.


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2 Responses to Weekly Download Vol. IV No. 13

  1. Mary Lauren says:

    I resemble that remark.

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