Weekly Download Vol. IV No. 12

A New Life by Jim James with The Roots

UPDATE:  Apparently Late Night with Jimmy Fallon wasn’t keen on imbedding their clips.  Here is the link to the video.  1000 apologies:

Very few things in this world make me want to get married again.  And by married again, I don’t mean marry someone else (cuz, bubba, that ain’t happenin’). I mean go through a wedding again.  But if Jim James and The Roots volunteered to play this song at said second wedding/vow-renewal, I’d pretty much have to do it.

A New Life is from Jim James’s (N.B. Lead singer from WD favorite My Morning Jacket) debut solo album, Regions of Light and Sound of God, which was my first official purchase of 2013 music.  The Roots (with friends), as house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (N.B. Which has become the de facto cool spot for musicians.  I don’t ever watch it.  I think Fallon is funny (not Conan funny) but he can also be a little annoying (not Leno annoying).  I catch most of his cool musical acts after the fact.  (N.B. Let’s be honest, I can’t stay up that late anyway)) (where James was a guest) spice up the track a bit from the album cut with amped up percussion, strings, and horns…and well just watch it, and if the above 5:16 dosen’t make you happy, there’s not much else I can do.


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4 Responses to Weekly Download Vol. IV No. 12

  1. Itinerantplaybyplayman says:

    The second kid isn’t here yet. Way to short sell the WD.

  2. TMatt says:

    In the coming weeks you can expect manifestos regarding:
    1. The Rock and Roll equivalent to the Emperor’s New Clothes;
    2. Where in I discuss Homeland and that it’s a good (but not great) show;
    3. Country music alternate reality; and
    4. The Jedi Council of MLB knuckleball pitchers.

    All all percolating, none are complete.

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