Weekly Download Vol. IV No. 9

Sleepwalking by The Casket Girls (7.0)

I burnt a couple of really good mix CDs this year.  One for a friend in need of night out and another compilation of Boss Jamaican Sounds (N.B. Not kidding, you need this) ending with the double-wammy of No More Will I Roam by Dennis Brown and Many Rivers to Cross by Jimmy Cliff.  But I’m convinced the best one I made was the first four tracks from The Casket Girls’ debut EP Sleepwalking followed by last week’s GASHCAT’s Devil Kid Demos.  Nine songs of bliss that shouldn’t go together, but somehow do.

Two weeks ago I had no idea who either of these bands were, and I still know very little. (N.B. However, I will concede that GASHCAT is a horrible, horrible band name, and  Casket Girls is kinda bad ass.)  You can hear the Austin in GASHCAT.  That is, they’re a derivation of Spoon, which can’t be a bad thing.  But as for The Casket Girls, here’s what I learned.  They were formed by a guy named Ryan Graveface of Black Moth Super Rainbow (N.B. and I swear to god, I did not make any of that last sentence up) after he met two sisters, Elsa and Phaedra Greene (N.B. It’s like this came out of an Indie-Music-Name generator.)(N.B. However, I have to admit Phaedra might the coolest girl name I’ve heard since Carmelita…) after happening upon them in the streets of Savannah, Georgia playing autoharp and singing bizarre songs. (N.B. Never mind, this entire story is from a Hipster-Indie-Music-Backstory generator…if we can just work in a job at a fast food restaurant for one of them.)  They got together and made an album.  Graveface plays the music, the Greene sisters sing.

I really dig this entire album, but there was something on their website that troubled me.  Actually, there were a couple things.  But nothing troubled more than this sentence: “On Sleepwalking, the band’s first release, the unique collaboration bears to be more than the sum of its parts.”

What in the hell does this sentence mean?  I’ve looked in three dictionaries (four if you count the one on my iPhone) and I can’t find a definition for bear (N.B. and there are a lot of them) to support its use that sentence…and it’s driving me fucking crazy.  Maybe I don’t know the full context to understand how unique Phaedra and Graveface’s collaboration is, but they couldn’t have intended bear to mean: “to move while holding up or supporting” or: “to hold in the mind” or really any of the other definitions.  The closest I’ve come to maybe agreeing is: “to extend in a direction indicated or implied.”

But for Chrissake, Graveface. While I’m sure you took AP writing during the Montessori years of your parents’ wealthy urban enclave, just use a “be” verb.  “The unique collaboration is more than the sum of its parts.” They’ll forgive you.

So, that’s what I’ve obsessed about all week.  Well, that and how much this song makes me think of the Fembots on Valium.


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2 Responses to Weekly Download Vol. IV No. 9

  1. Haha! I totally love this post. Thanks for talking about the record and our poorly written one sheet. Here’s a little offering I can make:

    Peace and Love,

    Ryan Graveface

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