Weekly Download Vol. IV No. 8

  1. Lady of the Ark By GASHCAT (8.0)(One word review = Smiley)
  2. Left Hand Milk Stout
  3. A Dictionary of Modern American Usage by Bryan Garner
  4. Jalapeno-Cilantro Pesto from Whole Foods
  5. lululemon running shorts
  6. All Songs Considered 24/7 internet radio station
  7. Jessie Pinkman saying “bitch
  8. The good thing KOSU did by putting The Spy back on the air (91.7 fm in the 405)
  9. The Toaster Brunch – Boss Jamaican Sounds with E-Roy – Sunday mornings 10-12 on The Spy (N.B. You didn’t know you needed this.)
  10. That the annual board meeting of the 25-year friends will be short our coolest member this year, because they caught it early, and you’re gonna beat its ass again. #survivor
  11. My new bar!! (N.B. Profound ups to Red and the Marys.  Well done guys.  Come have drinks on it soon.  All of you come have drinks on it soon.)
  12. Matt Taibbi
  13. “iPahhh” (N.B. The G-Unit’s name for any handheld computing device.)
  14. The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach
  15. Nate Silver and the victory of the math dorks over the bloviators
  16. www.grantland.com
  17. Bands who let you pick your price for downloading their music (N.B. See No. 1 and the hyperlink on “Smiley”, and then take care of them should you decide to download.)
  18. The eternal optimism that once went with sticking it out at the bar until 2:00 and now  seems relegated to home-brewing. (N.B. Fingers-crossed for next week’s Honey Ale)
  19. K.D.’s new snarl/forgetting The Beard/falling in love with Kevin Martin

Enjoy.  Everyone have a safe Thanksgiving

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