Weekly Download Vol. III No. 45

Flaggin a Ride by Divine Fits (8.2)

Divine Fits = Britt Daniel, lead singer for Spoon, Dan Boeckner, one of the lead singers for the on “permanent hiatus” (and WD favorite) Wolf Parade, and some other guy in some other marginally popular indie band (N.B. New Bomb Turks’ Sam Brown).  Divine Fits = two of WD’s favorite indie rock singers (Boeckner’s warbling caterwaul and Daniel’s lacerated indie whine) trading  songs it would appear they deemed not good enough for their proper bands.  A Thing Called Divine Fits = One of the better album covers of the year.  Divine Fits = an interesting mix of Wolf Parade-ish multiplying techno-y beats, well-intentioned and not over-used acoustic  guitar, and herky-jerky Spoon-ness.  Divine Fits = It’s hard to call something a “super group” when very few people have heard of any of the members.  Divine Fits = Everything that always sounds like a good idea when you read about it, but never really turns out to be worth a shit (e.g. The Dead Weather (N.B. although, I Cut Like a Buffalo kicks serious ass) and Them Crooked Vultures). Divine Fits = “I don’t know if I’ve ever been so sad for an album’s end.  That is unbelievable.”  – Ford. Divine Fits = something most people will never hear. Divine Fits = Maybe the most consistently good, song to song, album WD’s listened to this year.


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2 Responses to Weekly Download Vol. III No. 45

  1. DCE says:

    Dig. Somehow this band has escaped me until now. Oh, and as for the Turks, some of my biggest idols in my early days. Still jam this one when I’m feeling feisty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zp_b_B4LTk

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