Weekly Download Vol. III No. 36

Summertime is Coming by Paul Banks (6.0)

Fuck me.  It’s here.  I’m not sure what’s happening on Friday, but it doesn’t look great, maybe even biblical.  Good luck, 405ers.

Paul Banks is the lead singer for Interpol.  They released one of the seminal albums of the oughts (Turn on the Bright Lights), an equally spectacular follow up (Antics), and then I’m not really sure what the hell happened to them.  I could listen to their first two albums on repeat, all the time, except when it’s this hot outside.  They had more of “rainy February” vibe.  If they released albums of songs that sounded equally as insipid as this one (but something about Banks’ baritone always gets me), I’d say I hadn’t missed much since Interpol’s early ought glory.  Regardless, please try and stay cool, and listening to this won’t help.


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One Response to Weekly Download Vol. III No. 36

  1. Itinerant Play-by-play Man says:

    Once again the 918 is better. 8 of 11 days in the 100+ range. Just in time for me to return from Florida(where it was cooler) and enter the sauna known as my broken AC home. Again.

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