Weekly Download Vol. III No. 33

Blunt Blowin’ by Lil’ Wayne (8.1)


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3 Responses to Weekly Download Vol. III No. 33

  1. Itinerant Play-by-play Man says:

    That took about 13 seconds to construct. What happened to the WD of years gone by. Sipping on his scotch on the porch of 316. Remembering the time Zane fell into the water hole near Thomas. Now we get jpegs absconded from the internet and a song from Gollum himself “My court side seats I needs, Preshuuusss”

  2. TMatt says:

    2nd home computer crash-age really cramped my style this week. I’ll make up for it. FYI abscond = v. intr. “To leave hurriedly and secretly to avoid detection.” But your use of it sounds like something a play-by-play man would think is correct. Watchele.

  3. Itinerant Play-by-play Man says:

    I will now abscond away from my keyboard into the shadows of the weekend and possibly purchase a dictionary in my free time and with what discretionary income is not consumed at Tulsa Tough – SoundPony, Arnie’s or CryBabyHill.

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