Weekly Download Vol. III No. 30

I’m Shakin’ by Jack White (7.0)

We’re still loving Jack White on 64th, but we’re breaking far too many rocks this week.   So you get my son and the song in his heart instead of a hastily constructed version of one of the five-ish (or so) unfinished (one of which I’ve even begun) posts.  But, things to expect in the near (prolly) future:

1. Wherein I rank Oklahoma City’s best restuarants and simultaneously correlate their characterstics with those of bands I hold strong opinions over.

2. Wherein I go full on patriotic hophead.

3. Wherein I give the downloaders much ups for the killer jams (sigh) they’ve recc’ed of late.

4. My all time vehicle BCS.

5. Wherein I get my omnibus modern television post broken up into digestible segments most of which will undoubtedly include poorly constructed rankings.

6. Wherein I figure out which generation I’m in and what that might mean / Wherein I say good-bye to the 90s.

7. Wherein I explore whether or not it’s all even really worth it.

8. James Harden’s beard.

9. Wherein I decide if my love of Norah Jones is legitimate, or a thing.

10. Acceptable social responses to someone who is not disabled using the disabled access button to open doors.

All of this leading up to the ever threatened Top-16 ever of my whole life (which I’m already regretting attempting).

Stay tuned.


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