Weekly Download Vol. III No. 24

Robot Spiders by Dr. Pants (7.6)(BGFD) So I’ve felt very fond of my city/state (N.B. not city-state, like Sparta) of late.  As such, I’ve decided to devote April to Oklahoma artists with whom, through the random chance of music acquisition, I’ve become acquainted and with whom I’ve been surprisingly impressed in that you-don’t-live-in-the-coolest-place-so-it’s-organic-music-really-can’t-be-that-cool-and-when-you-hear-some-that-is-you-are-genuinely-surprised way.  The artists lined up defy that sentiment in varying ways, each of which is unique and each of which lead me to believe I’m soon to convert to the place-I-live-in-is-really-cool-so-it’s-organic-music-no-matter-how-shitty-it-is-also-has-to-be-cool mode of thinking.  Also known as how they do it in Austin/Tulsa.

First up, my Twitter buddies (and, like WD, noted David Foster Wallace fan-dorks) Dr. Pants (@drpants). DP’s new EP (The Trip Side 3: Watching the World End) drops on April 28 (N.B. they were kind enough to give WD a sneak preview) and it is dorky and unreal with a 5:34 long instrumental track (Collections) I can’t seem to get out of my head. Robot Spiders is not my favorite on the EP (N.B. That would be Natalie, lending itself to one of WD’s favorite rock memes, the song named after the girl), but I’m not in the music business so I don’t get to decide what gets offered as free with the hope of it enticing an entire purchase. But I am quite fond of it. The hook and the chorus should excite you in a Weezer-y/Barenecked Ladies-y way (if you can be so excited) and I found myself humming it in the Muskogee County courthouse this morning. And finally, let’s be honest, if your song has a protagonist named Ted whether or not he builds Robot Spiders or has the scotch swilling snaggle-toothed laugh of a cartoon villain (N.B. Ups to AZH), I’ll be inclined to like it.

So grab the BGFD and pick up the EP at the end of the month.  DP and I will continue to ponder the existence of The Girl with Curious Hair.

I don’t have anything else to say.  So this:

Rock Breaker


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3 Responses to Weekly Download Vol. III No. 24

  1. GSL says:

    On a related note to rock breaker pictures, the song hipster boy/beards is fantastic. All college males who can grow beards have them now in this vein. So good.

  2. TMatt says:

    Ha. There was nothing hipster about that beard. It had its own zip code.

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