Weekly Download Vol. III No. 13

Hold On, I Found You, On Your Way and You Ain’t Alone  by Alabama Shakes – (ups to Patterson Hood on the recco)(and ups to WD for waiting until today and not publishing this Saturday night like he was about to) After the unapologetic RAM-dump this blog has become, my second favorite part of doing this is the genuine satisfiction I get when, in the time I spend listening to “new” music, I hear one and the “holy-shit-this-is-fucking-phenomenal” grip hits me. Ladies and Gentlemen, Alabama Shakes. You can listen to this EP all day for free, but you should go ahead and purchase for car-jammage-ness (N.B. Oh, and download only for now.  The proper CD drops in April). It will be the best $4 you spend all year. This Janis Joplin with soul meets The White Stripes with…. (well, just The Stripes) doused in Otis Redding legit racial/sexual obverse of Dave Matthews’ Band (inhale) has forcibly occupied my iPod and my CD player for ten days now (which is why I couldn’t settle on only one song).  And had the post on The Roots not been 3/4 done, I’d have made your life better with this one week earlier.

They give divas axes now?

Hear this. And all I ask for is credit. When this band blows up this year, as they should, and everyone you know is in love with them, please say you heard it here first. (N.B. That is, of course, unless you happened to have read about them in the “Bands to Watch” (or whatever) section in your Rolling Stone this week.)(N.B. And I gotta admit being  somewhat crestfallen when I read it, like the surprise had been spoiled. Because I know you, like me, devour your Rolling Stone ravenously the moment it hits your mailbox.) That would make me happy, but not as happy as being introduced to this band has. Enjoy.

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4 Responses to Weekly Download Vol. III No. 13

  1. manbearpig says:

    Wow Matt! This is one of your best ever! I watched this:

    and thought that Robert Plant was reincarnated as a heavy set woman of color – tight jeans and all. The 4:35 mark was enough to seal the deal. It’s a shame he had to die for this.

  2. manbearpig says:

    There should be a word for what happens what a song gives you chills and/or an erection. There probably is one. Matt, you have a giant…………………. vocabulary. Help me out with this one.

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