Weekly Download Vol. III No. 3

Vomit by Girls – This is a splendid song.  I’m not sure where “vomit” comes in. (N.B. A good guess is somewhere around my use of the word “splendid”.)  It’s the 6th track on Girls’ second album (third release if you count the totally bad-ass EP Broken Dreams Club) Father, Son, Holy Ghost (which is a marked naming improvement over their first album, titled Album.)  

Sophomore Poet

I bought FSHG (at the record store) some weeks ago based on some strong interweb recommendations and how much I loved Girls first two offerings.  And for weeks, I was thoroughly disappointed, to the point that FSHG skimmed the surface of the garbage heap of shit I have that never gets WDed.  It’s jumbly and disconnected like they drew from several different sub-genres of rock without any type of cohesion. And frankly, lyrically a lot of the songs come across like the 10th-grade poetry of the nerdy and lovestruck kid in the ringer t-shirt.

But this track stuck out.  It starts slow and kills at the end with back-up singers (which have somehow morphed into a stamp of cool for me.   Kind of sorta like-a “fucking-a we’re gonna bring in the girls at the end and just full on murder this thing.”) wailing. Wait for them.  It’s worth it.  But I stuck with the album and maybe because of the jumbly lack of cohesion (and the fact that I decided there was a certain amount earnestness in some of the lyrics like: “How can I say I love you, now that you’ve said ‘I love you’?”  which (while clearly not Pulitzer level) took some balls to set to music.) I really started to enjoy it.  Not great, but pretty good.  Give it a spin.  Enjoy.

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