Weekly Download Vol. II No. 46

Got it All (This Can’t Be Living Now) by Portugal. The Man (unwarranted punctuation apparently intentional) – Ups to TWW on the recco: “big sweaty rotten Jesse says this is the album of the year…….so far.”  BSR Jesse may be on to something. The album, In the Mountain In the Clouds, by Portugal. The Man is fantastic.  It’s certainly now a contender for WD album of the year.  You know, I think constantly about the album of year.  I’m not sure why.  I do the same for movie of the year. Maybe I’m fixated on unquantifiable greatness or maybe I just like tournaments.  We all I know I’m obsessed with top ten (16) lists.  Character flaw, perhaps.  Anyway, up to this point (so far) Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes

(author’s note: What follows is an Abnormally Long Digression, sorry.) (N.B. FF were terrific in concert last Saturday.  The bearded weridos can pull off the same harmonies live.  I was impressed.  However, the only song I truly wanted to hear out of their catalog, Mykonos, I have no memory of.  Either (1) they didn’t play it, which, I would think, would be a no-brainer as it is their best and prolly most popular song (N.B. which makes it pretty lame that it was the song I most wanted to hear, like going to a Stones’ concert hoping they’ll play Gimme Shelter or Jovi and praying for Shot Through the Heart.  I’m not sure why I do this.  My guess is so I won’t be dissapointed by undertaking to go to the concert in the first place.  Purposely modulated expectations.  I think this is related to cognitive dissonance, but I’m not certain);(2) they opened with it and we missed

Stupid Minze

it…Boomer! or (3) they played it during my mid-concert Rumple Minze (N.B. stupid minze) induced “sinking spell.”  Regardless, the show and the time both were great.  But I learned a few things about myself and my Murtah list.  (N.B. Murtah list was born from How I Met Your Mother (Monday nights CBS).  For someone who (hypocritcally) claims they don’t watch much TV, I sure seem to watch this show often and it’s great.  It’s perfectly snared the mindset, cultural references and overall zeitgeist of us late stage Gen-Xers as we hurdle into and through our 30s pretending to be adults.  Its writers hit shit so squarely on the head sometimes it’s like parallel lives are being led (this week: Married couple finds out wife is pregnant, but doesn’t want to tell anyone yet.  Husband and wife go to a wedding and husband has to surreptitiously pound all of wife’s drinks to keep up the ruse.  This exact thing happened to me, only in Mexico.  (I crashed and burned).)  Murtah lists were named after Roger Murtah, Danny Glover’s character in all three (4?) Lethal Weapon movies, whose common refrain when he and the Jew-hater would charge headfirst into gunfire (or whatever) was “I’m too old for this shit.”  After this weekend, I’ve decided I’m putting taking shots on my Murtah list (N.B. This doesn’t mean I’ll never do one again.  It’s just now I know I’m too old for it.) and, unfortuneatly, I learned that drunk dialing is not yet on my Murtah list.  To those so subjected, I can only offer my most heartfelt apologies and let you know that (1) we really do love you and (2) wish you were there and (3) seriously can’t believe we’ve been friends this long.) (sighs)).(End of ALD.  Thank you for indulging me.)

The Pride of Wasilla

are waging a non-violent supremacy battle for WD album of the year (there is a dark horse candidate out there as well).  I listen to both really well crafted and, frankly, beautiful albums (Bon Iver and Helplessness Blues) all the way through all the time. Then they end and I think “man, that was great” and then I put on Portugal. The Man because I like it more.  PTM are great.  They’re MGMT meets mid-90s Oasis flecked with mid-70s Bowie.  I literally, can’t listen to it enough; prolly ten times just to decide which track from it I should recommend.  Got it All is one of many stellar tracks, but frankly any one of them could have been the WD.  I know nothing about PTM, (I don’t get the period, either) except they’re from Wasilla, Alaska which somehow doesn’t compute (Caribou Barbie…whereareya?).  But I know they got me (re)excited about music for 2011.  So here’s the rec.  Grab this album (or I’ll burn it for you, just ask) and listen to this, because it’s great.  And experience the (I guess rare) expectation free joy of listening to someone you’ve never heard of play some hot shit jams.  Enjoy.

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