Weekly Download Vol. II No. 36

Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People – Ups to Tdunn on the recco. I trouble myself sometimes (N.B. Let’s be serious, I trouble myself all the time with trivial shit. (N.B. There’s a debate in the legal community (by which I mean me and an attorney down the hall) about the most effective way to indicate emphasis in legal writing as I just did by underlining all. He prefers bold italics. To me, this is a bit much. Whereas I am a simple underline man; bold underline if it’s really important and let’s be serious (for the second time) not much of it is. My preference comes from my belief that you shouldn’t type something you can’t, with the deftness of your own hand, also write. Now if you can put pen to paper and write in italics, knock yourself out. The maladroit masses should continue to underline.)) around this time of year to determine what I believe my personal “song of the summer” will be. In a given year, my selection almost always differs from what the official (if such an award exists) song of the summer ends up being. Last year, I felt strongly that Everlasting Light by The Black Keys would be the song that forever reminded me of the summer of 2010. So far it has withstood the test of time. Now, nationally (or, I guess, even internationally) the 2010 song of the summer was Fuck You by Cee-Lo. There is not much argument to be made against this song (FCC version or otherwise). I really like it. (N.B. Now after further research, it appears that FY didn’t drop until the middle of August last year. I’m not sure what that does to its 2010 song of the summer credentials. I guess it opens the door for Gaga or (sighs) Katy Perry. But I’m sticking with Cee-Lo.)

Foster the People

As far as 2011, however, I’m nominating Pumped Up Kicks in the song of the summer category. You should play it at every barbeque. Any party you attend will not be as cool as it might be if this song isn’t played. I’m not saying you should commandeer the music at any of these parties and impose your own personal mix hoping to show the dirt-heads how one is supposed to party. Trust me; that never goes over well. I’d suggest just a casual and wordless stare followed by quarter head jerk to the party host indicating a moment from the fray might benefit you both. At this meeting, you should first give all signs that you’re having a fantastic time and that they are a wonderful host. Acting a little drunk, or at least drunker than you are, may assist this ruse. Once they are assured of your appreciation, enagage them in a conversation similar to this:

You: “Man I love Steve Miller Band.”

Them: “Dude, me too. It’s still great. They never change.”

You: “That Lady Antebellum is pretty good too. I hadn’t heard much of their stuff.”

Them: “Yeah, my wife really likes them. I’m starting to get into it too.”

You: “Yeah.”

Them: “Yeah.”

You: “Hey well, I’ve got a jam or two on this CD I carry with me in my car.”

Them: “Oh yeah… Well I don’t have a CD player. This mix is straight from my iPod over there.”

You: “Oh, yeah? Well I have my iPhone here too. It’s got some great jams on it.”

Them: “Why don’t you just go enjoy the party.”

You: “Hey man, I’m just tryin’ to make it pop.”

Them: “Just like your collar, you bald douchebag? Why don’t you and your shell necklace go back outside with the rest of the lawyers.”


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