Weekly Download Vol. II No. 30

Sky Blue Sky by Wilco – Wilco may be the last “band I can’t believe I haven’t written about yet.”  This is not me writing about them.  That’s to come.  This song is to remind me (and you) that Memorial Weekend is here and summer’s on the way.  My advice is to listen to this at the pool or on the boat this weekend (but not on the boat in the pool, because, frankly, that’s pretty trashy).  It’s perfect for it.  My goals for the summer of 2011:

1. Take son to first baseball game;

2. Celebrate 4th wedding anniversary;

3. Celebrate wife’s 31st birthday;

4. Read The Pale King, David Foster Wallace’s posthumously released final novel;

5. Brew one batch of really good beer (fingers crossed for the current American Pale Ale);

6. Cure and smoke my own pastrami (picture that as a sexual innuendo….weird);

7. Cause my father to (again) finish last in the Ada member-guest golf tournament one year after winning the championship flight with my brother as partner;

8. Take one massive picture with Gabe, Bode, Violet, Becket, Nora, Daxton, Ben and (whatever Tucker’s youngest kid is named) eating at a booth in Big Bubba’s;

9. Fix the toilet in the guest bathroom (I promise);

10. Turn 33.

Have a great weekend and a resplendent summer.  Enjoy.

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