Weekly Download Vol. II No. 27

Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes –   I’m loathe to speak with any kind of perceived certainty about the WD album of the year on May 5th.  Having said that, only an opinion change of monumental proportions (and it’s possible) or someone really hitting it out of the park these next seven months (who knows) is going to knock Helplessness Blues out of the number one spot.  The golf metaphor is “clubhouse leader.”  Since Tuesday morning I’ve debated over the perfect adjective to describe this entire album.  I began with “lyrid.”  Some fairly simple Googling (292,000 results (0.10 seconds) ) enlightened me that “lyrid” wasn’t actually a word (N.B. it is word, just not the portmanteau of “lyrical” and “myriad” that my mind had created.).  It seemed so perfect in the car.  Then I hovered around “epic” for awhile.  Then I remembered I wasn’t 17.  The penultimate adjective (as I’d already created one portmanteau) was blisslodic (N.B. blissful + melodic), but that was never going to stick.  Finally, I settled on (drum roll) “lush.” I’m talking the 2b. adjective definition of lush: Extremely pleasing to the senses.  With a bit of the 2c. voluptuous or sensual.  That was the best I could do.  Get this album.  Enjoy.

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