Weekly Download Vol. II No. 19

Given to Fly by Pearl Jam – Ed, after all these years, you continue to engage me, vex me, confuse me and most importantly make think.  As such, I have to mull on you for another week (a/k/a trying to keep the damn thing under 2000 words while still getting to the point).  Re: Ed, shocker huh?  Most of those (and I’m still waiting for your addresses. I seriously have a present for you. I’ve listened to the hell out of it since last week and it’s both unbalanced and unreal) who submitted guesses nailed this one.  So maybe you are listening.  Some honorable mentions (i.e. those who should maybe/probably be ahead of QT) are David Foster Wallace (who was guessed by several); Wes Anderson (who was guessed by no one.  How many times have I made some of you watch Rushmore? sheesh); Patterson Hood, Matt Taibbi and Jon Stuart Liebowitz (who are kind of the new kids to the party) and Dr. Suess (Like a Boss).  My favorite “guesses” were (1) Cobra Commander (accompanied with “he taught us about evil, man”); (2) my father; (3) the oldest Hanson brother; (4) Bill Murray; (5) Stanley Kubrick; and (6) Jean Michael Vincent (sic) (misspelling, Bradley’s….from the deepest part of left field).  Seriously, thank you all for playing and (I must admit) stroking my ego by letting me know you’re reading (and unlike Thom Yorke, I’m not just broadcasting this into a black hole.)  Thank you guys for the interest.  I’m committing to completing a cogent and concise (don’t hold your breath) yet thorough explanation of my thoughts on Ed Vedder and Pearl Jam by this time next week.  In the mean time, please be sated by my all-time favorite Pearl Jam track, Given to Fly.  Musically, it encapsulates everything I loved and love about Pearl Jam. Enjoy

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