Weekly Download Vol. II No. 15

Under Cover of Darkness by The Strokes – The link is to The Strokes’ official website where for a time they were offering a BGFD (see if you can guess what that stands for).  Otherwise, here is the youtube.  This the first single from The Stokes’ big comeback album.  After their third album First Impression of Earth was an unmitigated turd, The Strokes took an “extensive break” to whatever guys named Casablancas and Nikolai and Fabrizio Moretti do (I hope it was tons of unrepentant partying).  This first single makes me at least hopeful that they recapture some the brilliance they bottled in their first two albums.  They were both very well received by this guy. (N.B. fleetingly interesting anecdote.  I used to listen to the song Someday by The Strokes on my way to virtually every final I took in law school.  The music made me hopeful and cheerful.  But the lyrics, especially “And my fears, they come to me in threes. So, I sometimes say, “Fate my friend, you say the strangest things I find, sometimes” gave me this palpable sense of foreboding inevitability that I believed one (watch it) must have before the taking of any law school exam.  Given that I am probably the best and most successful graduate in the history of University of Oklahoma College of Law, it’s clear I was correct.)  The Strokes will forever be lumped with The Stripes (It’s been ten days.  I’m not there yet.  The world still looks different, but I’m getting there.).  I don’t believe any of the classic pairings to be particularly fair. Stones/Beatles, Nirvana/Pearl Jam, Linkin Park/Limp Bizkit (well, in reality I could give a shit about that one.)  But The Stripes and The Strokes came around at about the same time when rock needed a breath of fresh air and they delivered.  They weren’t musically very similar other than they were both really good.  I hope their new album is at least partially a salve continuing to lessen last weeks’ sting.  But will see  Enjoy.

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