Weekly Download Vol. II No. 9

So Appalled by Kanye West.  I once read a short story by Dave Eggers titled “Notes for a Story of a Man Who Will Not Die Alone.”  The “story” was essentially Eggers’ bulleted and stream of consciousness notes about another story he wanted to write. I’m not going to be able to finish my essay on Kanye the way I want before I get into all of the end of year stuff.  So you can just title this WD “Notes on my fascination with Kanye and his new album.”  Hopefully, it won’t give you too vivid of a picture of my “process” which is scatterbrained at best.
1. Well, here’s a late entry into the album of the year contest.  I am amazed by Kanye for a number of reasons.  I am fascinated by the fact that he is a completely street-cred-less rapper.
2. People hate him, and I get that.  It’s amazing to me how is penchant for complete nincompoopery (this is actually a word) has apparently supplanted any need his career may have to brandish street-cred to be considered a great rapper.
3. Is crossing Taylor Swift the most dangerous thing in America now? (Oprah?)
4. This album is, in my mind, the latest volley in his assault on Jay-Z (who guest stars, so it’s not like they’re enemies or anything (because secretly I assume all rappers are in competition to be “the best.” Much in the same way I assume all basketball players are. As such, they consider each other “enemies.”)(Now my question is “is this a racist assumption or does it say more about my inherent beliefs about competition among famous people?”  Wow, Happy Thanksgiving.)) to be anointed the best rapper going.
5. “Unlike Hammer, $30 million can’t hurt me.”
6. Solid beats and great samples.
7.  I was actually more mad at him (I guess like he lost street cred) when he backed off his awesome-ly inappropriate comment about W. and “Black People.”  I don’t agree with him (for the most part) but found his outburst, awesome.


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