Weekly Download Vol II. No. 7

The Promise by Bruce Springsteen. This link is to a live version, best I could do. Just spend the $.99.  This is from the massive reissue/music bomb from The Boss’s Darkness of the Edge of Town sessions.  If you love The Boss (especially the mythology of The Boss like someone here does) you’ll love the entire thing.  If you don’t, you won’t give a shit.  I won’t go on about The Boss anymore.  I think I’ve wasted enough of your time (and some of you prolly just won’t ever get it (not that there really is anything “to get.”  Maybe you just will never understand my fascination. )).  I chose this song mainly because I wanted you to read this, from Joe Posnanksi’s blog.  Joe is not only my favorite sportswriter going, but he’s also becoming one of my favorite writers, period. (N.B. I am begrudgingly accepting the differences between “my favorite” and “the best” as descriptors.  But surely “the best” must apply to Joe in his sportswriting capacity.  This may be funny to you (in a “World’s Greatest Hair Metal Band” kind of way) until you read really great sportswriting, not sentimentalist bullshit and not Sports Center cliche-driven hyperbole, but just good writing that happens to be about sports.  Joe creates that.  And he loves The Boss and I know he obsesses about baseball a bit (he is a sportswriter), so we may be soul mates.  (I wonder if he likes DBT or Jameson or The Wire or overuses parentheses or is a shitty driver or doesn’t have Facebook.  hmmmm)  His piece about this song and growing up and his father really struck me.  Maybe it will you.  Enjoy

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2 Responses to Weekly Download Vol II. No. 7

  1. Gina says:

    Wow…you are making me a believer in the Boss. First Arcade Fire and now this? Do I have no musical taste fortitude to resist your influence over what I like? Pathetic really. That writer was incisively captivating…too bad he usually wastes it on sports:0.

    I think I spit my coffee out a little laughing at that bit about “maybe he likes jameson or is a bad driver (you still a bad driver?) or doesn’t have facebook…” Hilarious.

  2. Tmatt says:

    Still the worst driver in 3 states including Dallas.

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