Weekly Download Vol. II No. 1

When I Come Home by The Drums. (Free download alert).  The Drums are indie-pop’s (what) Next Big Thing….blah blah blah.  WD (moderately belated) birthday wishes to my friend.   I chose this song (A) because I think he’ll like it; (B) because I can seem him sheepishly admitting to liking it only after I’ve sat down in his pick-up, he turns the ignition on and this song comes blaring from the stereo; and (C) if a xylophone intro can’t make you happy on your birthday, I’m pretty much powerless otherwise.  He’s 32 years old this week.  The amount shit he and I have shared in our lives is unbelievable. Just off the top of my head (1) A hometown; (2) first day of school (that is, had he been as advanced as me.) (3) first day of 2nd grade (second attempt for me, however); (4) First day of Junior High; (5) First Football Game; (6) Public Enemy; (7) First day of High-school; (8) Dean’s Bible Academy; (9) First high-school teacher to have an inappropriate crush on; (10) Second high-school teacher to have an inappropriate crush on; (11) First undefeated regular season in the history of Hinton High-school Football (I said it. 15 years ago this fall. How’s that?); (12) First (and only) Academic Bowl state championship (you know I said that); (13) First beer (this is probably not true. I was a wreck.); (14) First High-school Party; (15) High-school Graduation; (16) First night either of us had ever lived anywhere but home; (17) First day of college; (18) Cell-Block 6; (19) sir-punch-a-lot; (20) John Blake; (21) marrying lawyers; and (22) Def Leppard.  And after all that, we now actually live nearer to each other than we did in that quaint little shit-hole we called home.  We’ve spent 25+ years laughing the loudest laughs, crying the realest tears and, somehow, still generally getting along. As I told him via belated birthday text this week (edited for content) I hope after 32 years your regrets are as minimal as mine.  Happy Birthday, kiddo.  Love you.

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One Response to Weekly Download Vol. II No. 1

  1. Gina says:

    Yes, happy, happy birthday, Mike. If you like this song, you still rock (and let’s be honest, you likely still rock anyway).

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