Weekly Download No. 48

I’m Goin’ Down by Vampire Weekend (Springsteen cover).  Because you guys have been so good, the link to the WD this week is an honest-to-God free download.  Get after it, ‘fore it gets pulled.  I found this to be a very touching rendition of a song I really like (ok “touching” is a little embarrassing, let’s just say “good”).  I’ve worn it out this week.  However, I also found it to be a little incongruous simply because of the fact that (and I’ve said this before) I associate VW with soft-private-school-upper-westside-ness and I associate The Boss with, well, all things related to The Boss (blue-collar-dock-worker-first-dates-in-old-chevrolets-soul-of-America-ethos).  I’m not naive, I know he’s a millionaire now.  But that’s still what he is (and always will be) to me.  I think I’ve mused here before regarding The Boss.  I even went so far as to identify him “America’s Rock-n-Roll Poet Laureate.” (N.B. WD No. 14.  I ranked The Rising the 2nd best album of the decade ’00-’09.) That’s not an official title.  A Poet Laureate is a poet recognized by a government for their distinguished skills/relevance, whatever.  Wikipedia. A PL is expected to compose poetry for state functions or government events and guess is just pretty much regarded as the-best-poet-going (Think, Robert Frost.)(N.B. the Poet Laureate of Oklahoma is Jim Barnes.  Never heard of him.  But when I read that Oklahoma had a Poet Laureate, I knew, instinctively, he looked like this. I was correct)  The U.S. Poet Laureate is paid $35,000.00 per year.  (I just found that interesting.)  So identifying The Boss as “America’s Rock-n-Roll Poet Laureate” is just my way of complimenting an artist I dearly love and respect and who, in my opinion (probably because of the beauty he uses in crafting songs in the blue-collar-dock-worker-first-dates-in-old-chevrolets-soul-of-America-ethos, vein) is an American Treasure.  I’m not the only one who thinks it.  This is a good read, but I swear not the genesis of my thoughts re: The Boss.  Of course, I’ve encountered plenty of opinions to the contrary (maybe not the complete contrary, but differing.)  I’ve got a buddy who equates The Boss with Jimmy Buffet.  This is astonishing to me on a number of levels.  I won’t get into all of them, but let’s just say, this guy (my buddy) opened me up to a lot of music and I really respect his opinion….or did.  But whatever, let’s just say The Boss mucho > Buffett.   And then there are, out there, the Bob Dylan People, the BDPs.  You get in this debate, and it starts to sound like The Beatles v. Stones crap.  They’re (The Boss and Dylan) both great, first ballot rock-n-roll hall of famers (BTW, I love being able to say that).  But some BDPs are almost insulted that one (watch it..) might compare anyone to Dylan.  They just can’t comprehend that you don’t get it.  This guy walks on water, makes songs on a level you probably can’t even hope to understand.  This reminds me when girls in undergrad would say “It’s Dave.  How do you not get it?” Of course the “Dave” of which they spoke is Dave Matthews who I actually kind of appreciate (N.B. although the same buddy who equates The Boss with Buffet also believes that Dave Matthews’ Band single-handedly bred an entire generation of pussies in a Simon and Garfunkel kind of way (and part of me agrees with him.))  I do believe, however, that in the quest for AR-n-RPL (favorite acronym ever) Dylan and The Boss are the final two.  Morrison, Joplin, Hendrix, Brian Wilson, Marvin Gaye, Fogerty, Van Zandt, Stipe, Cobain, Vedder, and (I guess) Dave Matthews are all in another tier.  In the end, it has to come to preference.  And if you asked me if I had to spend the rest of my life listening to Thunder Road on repeat or Highway 61 Revisited on repeat, I think you know what I’d pick.  But they’re both pretty fucking great (even if I don’t fully “get” one of them.) Enjoy.

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One Response to Weekly Download No. 48

  1. ginamarieligon says:

    just when you get me hooked on this blog, alas, no updates. So sad. Hope you all are well.

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