Weekly Download No. 44

King of the Beach by Wavves.  This one has been in the bullpen for awhile.  It was preempted a couple of times most notably by Nina Simone and most recently by, my good friends, JB and the Moonshine Band.  It’s a fantastic summer song (not solely because it has the word “beach” in the title).  I can totally see Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon dancing to it on the beach (if Frankie had a tattoo sleeve,….. and a lonely drifter friend that looked like this and a mother, constantly and obsessively worried about him, that looked like this).  The band, Wavves, suffers from the unfortunate “just spell the shit right” ailment which may be enough for them to accede to a 7-8 seed in next year’s March Madness of All-Time Awesome Band Names.  (See WD No. 22).  I’m sure they have some really charmingly-anecdotal reason for the spelling, but come on.  They titled their first album Wavves, which is a, dare I say, typical thing for new bands to do (also known as “eponymous”) with their first “proper” album (e.g. Bon Jovi, Bon Jovi; Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin; The Doors, The Doors; and Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes.)(However, some artists/bands choose to go all eponymous on later releases with an explanation in the vein of “this album really defines us” as opposed to simply “we couldn’t come up with a good name for this one.” (N.B. I find this to be mildly retarded and intellectually spurious)). However, Wavves really broke the intellectual bank with the title to their second album………Wavvves.  I shit you not. Enjoy.

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