Weekly Download No. 41

Serotonin by Mystery Jets. (For starters, the I-44/I-240 is the worst designed thing in the history of design and the history of things.  Fuck you city planner/civil engineer who designed it, fuck you bad….pshaw.)  In case any of you were wondering what I have being doing this week instead of writing a WD, I’m going to tell you.  I’ve been creating ringtones using songs from my Itunes library and assigning those ringtones to the contacts in my phone.  Now I consider myself moderately technologically savvy.  I’m certainly no luddite.  However, you are not going to see me jailbreaking my Iphone so I can play Tyson‘s Punch Out and run Microsoft Word on it either.  But I just recently discovered (and there may be other ways to do this, so spare me) how to use the GarageBand program on my Mac to covert songs in my Itunes account to ringtones and then upload them to my Iphone. And then my work productivity died for a few hours.  Some of you, and others, have been assigned some really strong ones (and I know how plenty of you like to complain that I never answer the phone.  Now you can just believe I’m listening to your song instead of talking to you).  The greatest hits: (and I guess I will just use initials.  So, if you’re listed, you will know who you are, but it will still be kind of a secret…But in reality, most everyone who receives this will know whom I’m talking about, because for the most part you all know (or know of) each other (except for winemedineme69me@gmail.com, I don’t think any of you know him.)) Wife: Your Love by The Outfield; JTS: Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam; MND: Safe European Home by The Clash; TED (not my dad): No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn by The Beastie Boys; TRS (my dad) Perfect Drug: by Nine Inch Nails; NAS (my mom) Black President by Nas; LH: Idioteque by Radiohead; AZH: Elephant Tears by Ian Moore; GSD; She Talks to Angels by The Black Crowes (This one’s a lie, but he knows why.) and (the entire reason I began the ringtone project) PRF: Yeah by Usher featuring Lil’ John.  No one gets Serotonin yet. It’s a strong track.  The lyrics play on the pronunciation of “Serotonin” and turn it into one of those female named ballads I love.  It reminds me of 1996.  Nothing particularly extraordinary happened in my life that year.  I turned 18.  I voted in my first presidential election, William Jefferson Clinton, like a boss.  Maybe it will be his ringtone.  Enjoy.

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