Weekly Download No. 38

I Never Cry by Nina Simone.  It’s not really disputed (at least between me and my wife (and probably my brother)) that I have developed some fairly random musical obsessions.  I’d like to introduce you to the newest one.  This song was buried in a music compilation CD which came as an “extra special gift” with a magazine I receive.  Normally those types of CDs, or the music on them, are crap.  This one was, sort of, an exception.  It had it’s share of too-cool-for-school-folky-techno-stuff which NPR listeners probably get off on (and as an avid NPR listener, I probably just bashed myself) and it had a few just-black-enough hip-hop tracks for the same crowd.  But it also had I Never Cry, which, upon my initial glance at the track list, I assumed was some sort of weirdo cover of this song.  Then, I immediately thought of this, which prompted a good 20 minutes of youtube clips.  “So, do you come to Milwaukee often?” However, I finally settled in, and just listened…..and wow.  I want to spoon this song.  I want to sit on a screened porch wearing a seersucker suit, sweating, drinking lemonade and play checkers with this song playing in the background, from a phonograph.  I didn’t know too much about Nina Simone prior to this week.  My mental image of her was something like “heroin-Aretha-Franklin.” (N.B. okay, I know it’s two consecutive weeks I’ve mentioned heroin.)  Clearly that’s not the case.  She is quite revered.  So then I began to wonder why I had that mental image of her.  Regardless, it’s now been lumped in with my other inaccurate mental images including: “simply-too-pretentious-for-a-PC” and “less-cool-Oklahoma-City” (just kidding that one’s correct, bam!) and “coffee-for-douchebags” and, or course,”noble-brief-writer-and-advocate.”  Enjoy.

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