Weekly Download No. 37

Pobody’s Nerfect by Wolf Parade.  Yay, new Wolf Parade album week!  Wolf Parade’s third album is titled Expo 86.  Apparently the title is in reference to the World’s Fair held in Vancouver in 1986.  Wolf Parade are Canadian so, I guess, that makes sense (No it doesn’t.  It’s a ridiculous thing to name an album after (I think I’ll call The Greenbloods’ second album Red Earth 98 (that was an awesome Red Earth, you have to admit))). Put this into the albums I have most anticipated this year file.  Then put it into the I-anticipated-this-so-much-I-was-actually-a-little-nervous-about-it-not-being-good file.  I would appreciate it if one you dollar store shrinks can explain that emotion to me.  I can specifically remember experiencing a similar emotional oddity in conjunction with: (1) the release of Armageddon (met every expectation); (2) reading The Catcher in the Rye (bluh…); (3) getting satellite radio (really liked it, then realized I didn’t like it so much when I had to pay for it); and (4) shooting heroin.    Expo 86 is not bad.  I have a sense it will grow on me.  It didn’t immediately grab me the way High Violet by The National and Transference by Spoon did. I do really like this song.  Although it appears they (WP) might have sacrificed a bit lyrically in order to make these songs sound cool. I generally consider WP to be a strong lyrical band.  But this album, this song, especially, has quite a bit of indie-sounding-gobble-de-guke like “he’s explaining how he built this city on cocaine lasers.”  Now I like a good metaphor as much as anyone, but if you want to take a stab at “cocaine lasers” knock yourself out.  I’m at a loss.  Maybe they’re selling them at fireworks stands for this weekend.  Enjoy.

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