Weekly Download No. 35

Fireworks by Animal Collective.  This is the second WD from Animal Collective. The first was met with a joint…eh, as I believe this one will.  But this is good stuff, all of their music is.  It’s well conceived and…just cool sounding.  I would say similar to soccer, you have to be patient with it, and it will reward you in the end,  And there it was, my segue into talking about the World Cup.  I’m into it, totally and unapologetically (and, as I have recently been accused, “unAmericanly”).  It’s a ridiculous sport, in a ridiculous setting, with ridiculous people continually blowing on ridiculous horns.  But I have awoken every morning this week and watched it.  I have been in some crazy-fans-going-bananas sports settings in my life, (three come to mind (1) sitting on my couch when this happened and then the most delicious shit talk of all time spilled from my lips and poured upon my poor roommate; (2) sitting in The Mont with said roommate when this happened and then literally (ok, figuratively) hearing the place explode; and (3) no one in the stands that day will ever forget this.  It’s my favorite sports memory from college.) but I’m telling ya, when Clint Dempsey got the equalizer past that bumbling limey prick on Saturday, Republic Gastropub went absolutely insane. I picked up someone I had never met, and may have kissed him on the forehead.  It was crazy and had been the entire match (complete with the entire bar standing and singing the Star Spangled Banner minutes before the entire bar shot David Beckham the finger when he appeared on screen).  As I related this story at work, I was met with the expected “how do you watch that sh_t, every game is 1-0?”  I guess, I would agree, but these same people would probably have no problem watching Bob Stoops call 25 running plays protecting a 21-17 lead in the 4th quarter against Iowa State and that can get……boring.  I don’t really have an easy answer.  I believe it’s certainly some kind of nationalistic/American-centric thing when people react negatively and I’ll cop to being a bit purposefully contrarian when I show my support for it.  But read this article and then this one for the opposing view and then try to watch the US on Friday (at 9:30 in the morning, I know).  Then give it an honest evaluation and know that if the US scores, or, dare I say, wins, I’ll be in a bar, drunk at 10:00 a.m on a Friday morning screaming by brains out.  Enjoy

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