Weekly Download No. 32

Tell ‘Em by Sleigh Bells. This makes my ears feel funny.  Half the time I hear this, (especially the opening few bars, where I’m always at least moderately surprised that this song isn’t some weirdo-nouveau Jimi Hendrix Woodstock version of The Star-Spangled Banner) I’m fully this is unbelievable. The other half, I either reach over to my Ipod and fast-forward as quickly as I can or just sit in my office like this.  I’ve now decided to call music that affects me this way, Radioheady.   There are times when I listen to the Radiohead song 2+2=5 (The Lukewarm) (which has, I believe, become my favorite Radiohead song).  As the song approaches about the 1:50 mark it crescendos then blows up.  Virtually every time I hear it, I get goosebumps.  I say virtually every time I hear it, because, again, at least half the time my Ipod sees fit to play it for me, I fast-forward before it transforms me into some tense ball of despair. I’ve found there are scenes in certain movies that do this as well.  I understand that I love them or they’re amazing, but at least half the time I switch to something else (or turn the TV off entirely) when they begin on screen.  As in “Oh my God! I wrote a hit play…..and I’m in love with you.” Or pure David Lynch insanity. Or virtually this entire movie for which I am constantly made fun of for liking.  Am I the only one that does this? Enjoy.

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