Weekly Download No. 31

The Weekenders by The Hold Steady. The Hold Steady seem to be a band I must like (in a Wallflowers sort of way). Its all there. True actual bar-born whiskey-soaked guitar riffs not the quasi-musical serious-sounding electrical bullshit that passes for edgy or alternative music these days. A singer with a voice you can hear projected into a microphone held by a hand with an lit cigarette between the knuckles. But ultimately…..eh. And I seem to be having quite a few “ultimately…..eh” lately. I essentially decided two weeks ago I am going to quit playing golf for anything other ceremonial, family related or buddy related reasons. It’s too f_cking hard. It’s too f_cking hot. And it costs too f_cking much (as I am closer to the point in my life where I can spend more money on such pursuits, it still seems like it costs too f_cking much.) Ultimately……eh. Lost. I’m not a big television watcher. Well, I should say I’m not one that devotes time or ever really feels the need to quit what I’m doing or rearrange anything approaching a schedule to watch something on TV. (Full disclosure: that being said, I did, from January through March, spend at least 65 hours watching all five seasons of The Wire. And I can say, unequivocally, it is the greatest television show I have ever seen. Highest recommendation.). But I was a serious Lost junkie, busted ass to get home and watch it, debates with my wife about it and everything. It crested for me two seasons ago, but I have stuck with it (watching missed episodes on the internet even) out of a sense of obligation. Now I’m like f_ck this sh_t is complicated, (it has its own wikipedia-like website for chr_ssake) wouldn’t I rather be laughing at the bar? or watching Antiques Roadshow (where the commitment level is minimal) or at dinner with my wife, or simply watching sports where I don’t have to understand the potential philsophical implications Kate’s name being crossed off the wall in cave with rest of the Defenders of the Island? Ultimately……eh. OU Football. There, I said it. Heresy most foul. I spent a decade absorbed in this, could name the high schools of players recruited who never saw the field, felt an emptiness if I missed a Red-White, lost sleep over losses. Now I’m all: Go to the games, see my family/friends, reminisce about college. Win/lose whatever. I realized something had changed when I was in the stands for this. And by the time I got home, I didn’t really give a sh_t about it and just ranted and raved about how good a trip I had. I realized there were probably douche bags whose entire trip to the great northwest was ruined because of that. Ultimately….eh. Pearl Jam. I won’t get into this. It makes me sad. Suffice it to say, I was legendarily devoted to PJ for quite some time and now I feel like sometimes I’m going through the motions.  The fire is not out, it just doesn’t burn as bright as it once did.  I fear Yankee Baseball is next. Is this how I age? Enjoy.

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